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Before you buy that old house down the street, think about the negative aspects of buying an old house. While you don't have to be a Debbie Downer, considering the pros and cons of a big purchase can help you be realistic. Read through the first page for more info.


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It's pretty trendy these days to buy an old house and fix it up. Oftentimes, people will fix the house and then sell it for a profit. Some people consider remodelling a really old home their duty as Americans! Learn the ins and outs of flipping on page three.

The Benefits

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There are some serious upsides to buying an old house. When my mom bought a hundred-year-old farmhouse, we had a blast fixing it up. It was a project that taught us a lot about construction, plus it brought us closer together. Read more about the pros on the second page.

Is It For You?

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Are you thinking about buying an old home yourself? How do you know if you're up for it? If you are no stranger to hard work, adventure, the thrill of reconstruction, and lots of character, you're good to go! If you like new things and would rather sleep, think again.

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